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To belly up to the "Love Bar", simply click the play button next to "Listen to The Love Happy Hour LIVE" and use the amazing power of electricity to hear us through your speakers while we along with our special guests are on the air every Friday from noon to 1 P.M. CST. The rest of the time, you can listen at your leisure via the incredible power of podcasting! Just scroll down a bit and you'll discover our archived episodes in order. Tune in - "truly in" or download -often and FEEL the love! This is a time to learn, to share, to laugh and be entertained, to get really REAL when it comes to life and the truth on LOVE! from my HTC One™ S on T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network.

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Recent Episodes

Love Happy Hour Episode 24:

It's Kelly Guest's farewell episode! We will be sad to see her go but will move on nevertheless, to get the movement of love to the masses.

This Week's Happy Hour: Tavernello Prosecco


Love Happy Hour Episode 23:

Mr. Rosenberg joins Kailen, Kelly and Mike to evaluate - and possibly debunk - relationship news and expertise. You'll hear about giant fake thumbs, turtles stuffed in pants and the story of two donkeys in Poland who were unfairly ripped apart and reunited after a sex scandal. Tune in!


Love Happy Hour Episode 22:

Kailen discusses the NFL domestic abuse scandals, the importance of understanding ourselves in order to love ourselves and one another. More on the San Francisco bumper crop of amazing women as potential matches, another news roundup with everything from Russian sex geckos to a crisis in Venezuela. More advice to heed and avoid from the internet.


Love Happy Hour Episode 21:

A soul mate search in San Francisco introduces Kailen and crew to the concept of menstrual cups - whether they wanted to know about them or not and the entire room wonders about the wisdom behind naming Kel's new kitchen gadget "Vegetti." Dan Rasmussen and Alex Brandt-Barnard stop in for Pre-Marital Design.


The Love Happy Hour Episode 20: 9/5/14:

Kailen survived the MN State Fair and now she is off to San Fran with no idea what the plethora of interviews will yield for her soulmate seeking bachelor. The news roundup includes an exchange student caught in a giant vagina sculpture, a 97-year old Ukelele outcast, how size can matter in court and more. As always, Kailen dispenses her expertise regarding how friends and family figure into a match. Belly up for more!