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To belly up to the "Love Bar", simply click the play button next to "Listen to The Love Happy Hour LIVE" and use the amazing power of electricity to hear us through your speakers while we along with our special guests are on the air every Friday from noon to 1 P.M. CST. The rest of the time, you can listen at your leisure via the incredible power of podcasting! Just scroll down a bit and you'll discover our archived episodes in order. Tune in - "truly in" or download -often and FEEL the love! This is a time to learn, to share, to laugh and be entertained, to get really REAL when it comes to life and the truth on LOVE! from my HTC One™ S on T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network.

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Recent Episodes

Love Happy Hour Episode 14 7-25-14:

Kailen gets barraged with nude selfies from San Francisco, Kelly got hit on at a retirement planning event and single Mom Nichole calls in to get her love life "unstuck." Check out how Kailen gets up to speed on Nichole's history and where her advice will send her next in her quest for a happy, healthy, fabulous love relationship!


Love Happy Hour Episode 13:

Kailen was shocked at what she witnessed in the Ladies' Room at the Styx/Foreigner concert, Kelly found relationship tips from a cad. From how love can truly help the world to how to pick a restaurant without being co-dependent, Kailen, Kelly and Mike go there!


Love Happy Hour Episode 11: 7-11-14:

From the World Cup to the world of love, Kailen and Kelly talk all things relationship. Kailen's 12-year old son Jack joins as does Terry Sandvold - CEO of Sandvold & Associates financial services group. How does money play into relationships - and breakups? What advice do Kailen, Terry (and Jack!) have about savings - and dating??


Love Happy Hour Episode 11:

Kailen & Kelly do the "Relationship Bill of Rights" and what "constitutes" a good relationship on this 4th of July episode. Kailen gets a surprise phone call and Kelly has a serious chair mishap....


Love Happy Hour Episode 10 6-27-14:

Kailen tackles some intense audience email while her 27-year old son Alex chimes in with surprising insight...along with what it's like to be looking for love when your mom is a renowned matchmaker!